There are many shoppers who consider themselves to be bargain hunters, which means they are always on the look out for the best deals possible when it comes to items such as sporting goods equipment, groceries and clothing. There are many different strategies that bargain hunters employ when doing their shopping but the two most common include using coupons and price matching.

It's not all that hard to find coupons to use as they can easily be found online, in newspapers or through flyer inserts. Just clip or print them out and bring them with you during your shopping excursion. Price matching involves a little bit more work than coupon clipping though but is still a very worthwhile endeavour for those of you looking to save a few extra bucks whether shopping for major appliances or brand new back-to-school clothes.

Retailers know that they're involved in a very competitive market and in order to survive, let alone thrive, they have to get you to come to their store and buy from them rather than shop at their competitor's. One method they do that is by price matching. If you find a similar item at a different store for a cheaper price just bring that information with you when shopping and the store selling the item at the much higher price and they will more than likely match the cheaper competitor's price in order to gain your business. Some stores don't price match so factor that into the equation when trying to price match your way to a bargain.

You might be thinking to yourself why you should go through such a hassle of finding a cheaper price and then going to a different store to match that price? Especially if you can just go to the store selling it at a cheaper price and buy it from them directly? Well, you do raise a good point but there is an added bonus to price matching that many stores offer, which is that they apply an even bigger discount once the price is matched to ensure your happiness and continued shopping in the future at their store.

What that means is say you are leafing through the newspaper and see an ad for a furniture store. You can then take that ad to a different retailer, show them the ad and get them to match the price. Once the price is matched that retailer will then take off an additional 10-15% off the matched price. That's a pretty good deal no matter how you look at it. Price matching has its benefits if you're willing to put the work in to achieve the results. While it is great to score a great deal it is important to note that not all retailers or manufacturers offer a price matching discount. If you are in the market for custom pieces, you will not be able to price match one retailer from the next as each piece is unique to the company. However, you are always welcome to phone the retailer themselves and talk prices. We suggest you try contacting Ideal Warehouse to inquire about trailer stands or dock bumpers. Best of luck to you and happy deal finding!

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