Drinks inspired by Movies and Television

FILM AND ALCOHOLMany movies over the past few centuries have inspired fictional drinks that others have tried to concoct themselves. Many of these drinks require a blender and to get the best blender available you will need to check the blender reviews here. These will aid you in picking out the best one for your needs. Not all drinks are alcoholic, but a lot of them are. Here is a list of the most popular choices and the movies they can be seen in.

Alcoholic Drinks in Movies

  • From 1962 in the movie The Clockwork Orange, the main character drank a concoction of milk and liquor and called it Moloko Plus, which in Nadsat is Milk Plus. This is known to be “milk with knives in it” and in the movie it was used by the main character to get in the mood for violence. The movie is a wild portrayal of one man’s decline into insanity and his actions that get him there.
  • From 2006 in the movie Talladega Night: The Ballard of Ricky Bobby, the main sponsor for Ricky Bobby’s race car was the Laughing Clown Malt Liquor. This is the famous brand in the movie that sponsored his racing career. I would not be surprised if someone invented this beer or brand, since the fan base of the movie is so wide.

Alcoholic drinks in Television

  • From 1996 in the show The Drew Carey Show, the invent Buzz Beer. Drew decides to open his own micro-brewery in his garage and when everyone loves it he starts selling it at his favorite bar. Eventually he gets licensed so he can sell to others. Buzz Beer is one of the most popular known beer brands from television.
  • From 1990 in the television show The Simpsons, the main drink for all of the beer drinkers was Duff Beer. This is Homer Simpson’s favorite beer drink and has received a very popular following in the Simpson world. Duff Beer is so iconic that there are bumper stickers, t-shirts, toys at fairs and many more souvenir things that can be purchase at many retail stores.
  • From 2010 in the television series How I Met Your Mother, in episode Architect of Destruction, Ted offers to buy the group a round of the newest scotch offered at MacLaren’s, their favorite bar, the newest Scotch Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch, is so strong that the waitress warns them not to let it touch there skin.
  • From 2012 in the television series Don’t Trust the B*^% in Apartment 23, in episode Sexy People. They drink a beer called Can Der Brau, which is named after James Van Der Beek, who is the famous best friend to Cloe who is the B*^% in apartment 23. James Van Der Beek plays himself and he is dead set on finding a new product to market with his name in it so he can be famous again since he has had failed movies, shows, and product launches since his days on Dawson Creek.

Non-Alcoholic drinks in movies

  • From 2013 in the movie Turbo, the characters drink an energy drink called Adrenalode, which the ingredients that the drink is supposedly composed of is actually not suitable for drinking. The 5 star Indianapolis winner Guy Gange who is turbo’s favorite racer is the representative of the company.

These are all interesting concoctions that have been featured in television and movies over the past centuries and many people have tried to recreate the concoctions for their own personal use. Next time you’re watching a movie or television show see what drinks you can identify that the characters drink that maybe you can make all your own.

One of the best action packed series of the 21st century

FAST AND FURIOUSOne of the best all time movie actors Vin Diesel plays a very popular role in the Fast n Furious franchise. In these movies he is a renegade car racer who has a family of friends that include his child hood sweetheart, his sister, his best friends, and a rogue cop. In the first movie Vin Diesels character Dom introduces Paul Walkers character Brian O’Connor to the gang at a BBQ. This scene is very powerful scene between the main characters and the friends. This BBQ becomes a staple with the crew so much so that in every sequel they have at least one BBQ scene. Vin Diesel uses a rickety old grill in this first scene but you can find the best electric smokers and grills at thebestelectricsmoker.com. In every sequel they have a different reason to come together and celebrate. Here we will discuss some of the Fast and Furious Franchise details.

1. First BBQ scene was to introduce Brian to the group after he shows Dom that he can be trusted. However, Dom is not aware that Brian at this time is really an undercover cop. He soon learns that what he thought was real wasn’t really real at all. During this meeting Brian sees Dom’s sister and immediately likes her which pisses off one of the boys in the group causing friction between the two men. In the end Brian wins her love.

2. The meaning behind every BBQ is that Dom’s father used to BBQ ever Sunday after church and if there was no church there was no BBQ. This makes the BBQ a significant part of the movies. Anytime they plan a heist they get together and discuss business and end the discussion with a BBQ. Through every movie you will see significant events that make each film come together to explain the characters and their connections to each other.

3. Fast and furious series is one of the best car chase movies that has been produced in the past 14 years. It combines love of family, love of cars, and love of brotherhood to make a perfectly awesome series. Each one has a story plot that draws you in and speaks volumes of each character. In a few of the Fast and Furious movies Ludacris has joined the crew with Brian to help set up races and such.

4. The cast of characters in the Fast and Furious franchise has featured such famous people as Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, and many more big name stars. Each actor who played in this movie had a great role and were paid a pretty penny for their parts.

Fast and Furious is a great movie and the sequels are just as great. They are action packed and provide many different stories to get drawn into. Each character is well written and provides a superb performance making Fast and Furious one of the all-time favorite movies of boys and men alike. Anyone interested in fast cars, hot women, action packed adventure, and explosions will love this series of movies.


“These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.” – Nancy Sinatra

BOOTSOne doesn’t tend to think about boots and other costume pieces as such when they watch a movie. However, people don’t realize that in some movies they are considered custom props and just as much a part of the costume as everything else. For instance have you ever noticed the boots worn in the Star Trek movies? Chances are no. However they weren’t just props pulled out in size 10 or whatever size needed. The boots in the Star Trek movies were custom made for the character. Star Trek fans might have known that, and even gone nuts at seeing an actual pair worn by William Shatner as Captain Kirk in one of the many Star Trek movies at a convention. They more than likely will be put on auction at some point being an integral of movie history. Yes, a pair of boots worn by William Shatner would drive a true blue Star Trek fan to bid on such an item.

Another pair of boots that did some walking on movie turf are boots worn by Keanu Reeves as Neo in the hit move Matrix. There are even sites that will take your measurement and make you an exact replica of those boots from the movie. They were pretty cool and any science fiction fan would be proud to have such a pair in their collection of sci-fi goodies. They can be made to exact measurements down to the centimeter. Even as replica’s they come at a hefty price. The real boots might show up on auction someday and there is a good size Matrix following that is sure to make for a showdown for the actual pair. I doubt that unless they are the same size that Keanu was to the centimeter, they won’t get a good fit on them, but they will get a great showpiece. These are not your traditional work boots, but they are boots and were used for movie work so think of them as the best rated work boots out there.

There are another pair of boots from the Matrix movie that has made it to the replica world and someday will fetch a good price from a fan if ever auctioned. The boots that the character Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, wore in the Matrix movie too. These patent leather boots are sharp and I’m sure a fan would want to wear them if even for a moment as they were the ultimate in cool movie gear. Replicas of these boots aren’t as high in price as the ones that Neo wore in the movie, but they still have a good size price tag and would be the perfect item to finish any Matrix collection.

Fans of all sorts of movies find things, even such as boots, to be great collectible items. Especially if they are the actual ones from the movies. However if they are but not on the auction block, it’s easy to find a good high quality replica on the internet. They will fashion a pair to add to a collection or custom fit your measurements to a T for you to wear to an even such as Comic Con or even to have the coolest outfit on Halloween! They could even turn them into some good steel toe boots as you add your own flair to them and reinvent the traditional work boot. So, get to steppin’.


Top 4 movies we loved starring a computer

MOVIES AND FILMThese are in no special order except the fact that they are classics that starred computers or a computer lifestyle. Computers are integrated into society so much, and they’ve made it to the big screen in and of themselves many times. They made us look at computers differently and opened up new horizons to explore as far as where films can go. They can go as far as the imagination of the one who writes the story and decides to make computers the forefront of that story. So what movies are they that captured us? Read on movie lover.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey has to be the be all and end all of all classic computer movies. It opened our minds to the “what if” clause if computers could take control and that it would be frightening to be in such a position as Hal was in the movie. This is one of the first computer movies that really made a dent in the genre of computers in movies.

War Games

War Games was another somewhat creepy build on if a computer could take over. Made us look at the threat of nuclear war and a simple game of tic tac toe in a whole other light. We got chills when we heard “want to play a game?” The fact that a computer glitch for lack of a better term could develop on its own a threat so big as to make global thermonuclear war such a possibility was a little nerve wrecking. The move War Games was well done and should be noted as a classic computer movie for the ages.


Tron was from a different approach, of what it would be like to actually be a part of a computer. A programmer gets into his own software of a computer and interacts with the computer from within, trying to get out of the world that he never realized how it truly worked from the inside out. It has everything from software theft and software virtual life as well. For it’s time the graphics were highly praised and made a mark on digital technology in movie artistic development. Now we can build our own virtual sci- fi computer worlds through sites such as Philadelphia Website Design that build your own presence in this computer world.


Matrix. Need I say more? This movie took movie goes on an incredible sci fi ride into the world being run by a program. This movie had to be seen more than once in most cases to fully grasp what it was about. How it was a scary thought in all actuality something that farfetched could reach out to the sci fi world, and make us think “what if?” and see computer life in a whole new way. Hackers actually formed sub cults to see if there was a Matrix. Now to me that’s scarier than it actually being found to be a truth that people were so into the movie they thought it could possibly be happening for real and made clubs to find out. They thought that if man could actually come up with something like that happening, it was possible it could. Now that right there is a frightening thought.

Trilogies: The original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, the sequel trilogy. Will it ever end?

INDEPENDENT FILMSIt seems like every move that comes out these days’ turns into a trilogy. When that’s played out they make a prequel. The prequel does fairly well so they make that into a trilogy as well. Then there’s the movies that make a sequel and the sequel does well that they make it into a trilogy. Are we running out of ideas so quickly that everything made nowadays doesn’t seem original anymore? Don’t get me started on spin-offs and remakes either. What has happened to the movie industry?

I think what I’m going to do when a new movie comes out is not watch it right away. I’ll wait until they make the prequel or the sequel and watch it, or maybe hold out for the complete trilogy then watch them all together at once. It just doesn’t seem right. We need more new original content, not remakes, prequels and sequels. I want to see something from a mind that can delight audiences with new content and material. It’s just gotten out of control. You’ll need an expert plumber like from the San Diego Plumbing Company to come and clean up this clogged mess.

It started in ’77 with Star Wars. People couldn’t get enough of that movie. When that movie came out the thing was “How many times have you seen it?” Then the Empire Strikes Back came out and once again people were blown away, but for fans it wasn’t the hype that the original had, but still did have hype. Then came Return of the Jedi. Good movie, thought that tied everything up. Talks amongst the Star Wars fans were that Ewoks killed it, but it was a good ending to a movie that had a good run. That should have been enough. Fast forward and then there’s a prequel to tell Vader’s story. A fan is a fan is a fan, so people stuck with it although they wanted to strangle Jar Jar Binks, then wait, they turned that prequel into a trilogy too. Now they are working on a sequel to the original 3. What is this world coming to?   I want to see something new and fresh come out.

They say the only sequel that ever did a movie justice and was better than the original was Terminator 2 and I totally agree. That movie made its mark as it stepped into the world of sequels. They did it right, but that’s all they did right because everything after that needed a plumber to clean up those messes too.

All I’m trying to say is let’s get some new original content on the market. Stop making everything a trilogy. 3 is my favorite number, but it’s getting played out in the movie market. Let’s stop with the sequels and the prequels and let people use their own imaginations as to what happened before or after. It’s time for some original content. Let’s get back to movies before the trilogy fascination commenced.

Best movies for Friday the 13th.

HORROR MOVIESRecently we had a full moon on Friday the 13th. This only happens once every 45 years or so which makes it a unique occurrence. There are a lot of movies that have come out in the past century that would be perfect for watching on such an occasion. But we will only discuss the best movie to watch on Friday the 13th and that is Halloween. There are many sequels to Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you watch one of them or all of them, they are all excellent movies. The original Halloween movie was filmed in 1978. The story line is about a little boy who is hospitalized for killing his sister but when he grows up he gets out and goes through the town killing people while his doctor is closer behind his tail tracking him. This movie left many questions open for more sequels which the original producer did not took advantage of. The key character Michael Myers uses a knife too stalk his victims. But wouldn’t a chainsaw be more effective. It would provide for a better reach and more damage. Which brings to question what would be the best chainsaw option?

The sequels to Halloween have been very profitable for every one involved in the making of this movie. It helped introduce the world to a very frightening villain and also brought to question what happens to children who kill at a young age. The psychology being Michael Myers character is very strange, such as, how does someone become so crazy as to kill there own sister at the age of ten and then spend so much time in the hospital only to escape and go on a murdering rampage? It makes you wander about what was going through his mind and if there are really people out there that are like the main character? Carpenter introduced Michael Myers to the world and the another director decided to make more films to tell his story even more. The gross profit of the Halloween franchise topped $366 million at the box office.

Making this one of the most popular franchise series all time. Halloween had been ranked the 4th slasher film of all time. It is said that Halloween is a movie version of Alfred Hitchcocks psycho, but there is not validity to that. Although there are other movies that others may feel are better for a Friday the 13th, such add the Friday the 13th franchise, Halloween seems to be the more scarier movie to watch. But if you’re not sure about that then select a few movies to watch and then base your opinion on how you feel about each one. Plus you can always have a movie marathon and watch multiple scary movies. But to have the best movie experience on Friday the 13th always include pop corn and soda, or root beer floats, because no movie night would be complete without a little snack and a refreshing drink.

The adventures of Pluto Nash

5 Biggest Movie Flops of All Time

We all know that some movies simply do not please people. Sometimes they are huge productions that had producers spend millions of dollars on it. Although the whole idea of the movie might have been awesome, the outcome is not the best like The Most Popular Movies Ever http://www.miff.ca/3-popular-movies/. Let’s take a look at the top 5 biggest movie flops of all time. Let’s take a look at movies that were true problems for those who invested on them.

47 Ronin (2013)

47 RoninStarring Keanu Reeves (famous for being the lead role in Matrix) and other famous stars, 47 Ronin movie was loosely based on a Japanese tale involving samurais, betrayal, magic and friendship. The producers spend around $250 million dollars on its production and were only able to get $146 million in return. The directors and producers hoped it would be a major blast in Japan, since the story is based in a traditional Japanese tale. Turns that the unexpected happened and the audience did not like it. Other countries did not find the tale appealing.

Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Mars Needs MomsAn animated 3D movie released on March 11, 2011, this Walt Disney movie was a total failure. The story goes around a 9 year old boy that needs to rescue his mother who was abducted by Martians. The boy finally understand the importance of a family when his mother is abducted. Mars Needs Moms was the worst movie ever released by Disney. The amount spent on its production was of $150 million and the team only received $38 million back.

The Lone Ranger (2013)

The Lone RangerStarring Johnny Depp and other famous stars the lone ranger had everything to be a success, however it was a total flop! Produced by Walt Disney , this movie had great actors, however a poor and risky plot. Disney took the risk and unfortunately the whole movie failed. The total amount of money spent was of $250 million dollars and the movie only managed to get $260 million dollars In return. It was indeed a huge failure.

Final fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Final fantasyAs the most expensive animated video game inspired movie ever made, this Final fantasy installment certainly did not give the expected return. Although there are several other movies of the same franchise that were a huge success, this one simply did not please the public. Producers spent over $145 million dollars in the production, that at the time used high quality computers and up to date technologies. Unfortunately it only received around $85 million dollars when it was released.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

The adventures of Pluto NashReleased back in 2002 and starring Eddie Murphy as the main character, The adventures of Pluto Nash movie was a total flop! One of the hugest in the whole history! The movie is a sci-fi comic movie that cost around $100 million dollars to be made and only got $7 million dollars in return! This was indeed one of the box office’s hugest flops of all time!

If you would like to know more about other flops check the below link and have fun!

The 3 Most Popular Movies Ever

The 3 Most Popular Movies Ever

There are so many interesting movies out there that it is rather hard to choose one. Although the styles, topics and also characters might affect people’s opinion, there are some movies that are considered to be the very best. Let’s take a look at the top 3 movies that everyone should watch at least once. Of course people’s taste might change, however these are indeed truly worth your time.

Lawrence of Arabia 1063 (Epic Movie)

Lawrence of ArabiaFirst released back in 1963, Lawrence of Arabia is a classic that everyone should watch. This epic adventure has a little bit of everything: drama, mystery and action. Starring Peter O’Toole as the main character, this movie managed to earn 7 Oscars. This movie depicts Lawrence’s experiences and feelings while in Arabia, during the World War I. The story goes around how Lawrence fights his fear, his emotional struggles and also his indecision on whether he should defend his fellow British fighters, or help his Arabian comrades. A truly epic masterpiece.

The Godfather 1973 (Mobsters)

The Godfather 1973The first installments of a trilogy was released back in 1973. The very first movie will already be enough to impress even the most exigent film lovers. Godfather movie has a little bit of everything: drama, mystery, cruelty, investigation, romance and much more. Directed by Francis Ford Copola, this movie was based into the novel by Mario Puzo. We have several different famous actors such as Al Pacino, Marlon Branco, DeNiro and many others. The story shows the life transformation of Michael Corleone, a mobster. During the releasing year, this movie got 3 Oscars. A true masterpiece that should be enjoyed and deeply analysed, after all there is no other mob movie that could even get close to this one. Read more information on other Greatest Trilogy Movie Series ever produced http://www.miff.ca/3-greatest-trilogy-movie-series/

Titanic 1997 (Romance)

TitanicStarring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic found its way to the hearts of millions all over the world. The interesting story is mixed with fiction and reality. Using the figure of the sank ship Titanic the director throws an enticing romance between poor Jack Dawson and Rose, an elegant and rich woman that is going a money crisis. Rose who is engaged to a rich man that could solve her and her mom’s money issues, finds herself deep in love with Jack, who has nothing more than love to offer her. The story is beautiful, but end tragically: Titanic sinks killing Jack. What happens to Rose then? This is a must see for all romance movie lovers. Although this movie is rather recent for the classics, it has a lot that most romantic movies do not have today: charm, deepness and passion! A truly masterpiece that has earned directors, actors and actresses awards.

If you would like to know more movies that are considered as lifetime great options then make sure you take a look at the following link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_considered_the_best. You will notice that the complete list is divided into category (action, romance, animation),and also by country. You will be able to find the best movies from countries such as Canada, USA, Brazil and much more! and If you are interested to know the Biggest Movie Flops of All Time click here


3 Greatest Trilogy Movie Series

Movie trilogies are quite common nowadays. Sometimes we have 4, 5, 6 movies of the same franchise. Although there are many trilogies, which ones are truly worth seeing? There is a list of endless trilogies all over the web, however let’s take a look at the top 3 lists that are the best trilogy movies ever! and if you are also interested in Most Popular Movies Ever made here is link for you http://www.miff.ca/3-popular-movies/

Matrix (1999), Matrix Reloaded (2003) and Matrix Revolutions (2003)


This incredible trilogy is completely different from anything you have ever seen. Full of different elements, peculiar characters and a an intrinsic story, this trilogy had everything to be rated among the “must see” of all time. This sci-fi thriller has a little bit of drama, action, romance and mystery. You will find yourself over the edge of your seat trying to see what comes next. The philosophical ideas and facts will make people travel in their own thoughts. What is real? Is reality truly real? Although the very first two movies were rated as much better than the final installments, Matrix Revolutions still delivers some good closure to the trilogy.Click here to read more about matrix

The Lord of the Rings- “The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001), “The Two Towers” (2002) and “The Return of the King” (2003)

The Lord of the Rings has sold millions of copies all over the world. The famous story by author Tolkien, has alreadyThe Lord of the Rings made millions of people from all over the world read their books and watch the movies. This trilogy has a little bit of everything and although the movies are quite long (3 hours long each), the story is extremely catchy and mysterious. This movie has earned different Awards – including the Oscar. The humanity, sense of companionship and incredible characters definitely make this movie be what it was and still is today. If you like magical elements and a never ending plot, then this is the right trilogy for you to watch.


The Godfather – “The Godfather” (1972), “The Godfather: Part II (1974), “The Godfather: Part III” (1990)

The Godfather 1973Directed by genial Francis Ford Coppola this older Trilogy never loses its shine. The complex characters, intriguing and mysterious story combined with over the edge expectations make this a true Trilogy classic that people should watch at least once in their lifetime. It is impossible to rate which of the movies were the best, as they have different overviews. All of the three movies are considered to be the best mobster movies ever released. Even though the last movie is considered to be the least attractive, it still carries much more style, story and quality than most movies. This trilogy has true stars that will never be forgotten such as Pacino, Duvall, Brando, Cazale, DeNiro and several others. If you would like to have a movie impress you, then you should watch this trilogy here.

If you would like to check more interesting trilogies you can go online right now and take a look at the following link http://www.hitfix.com/news/10-greatest-movie-trilogies. You will find several other very interesting tips that will help you choose the best movies!

The Mighty Ducks

7 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

Sports have always been very interesting topics that have been all over the media. You can find video games, TV shows, and even movies on the subject! Although there is a certain love and hate relation with the public, there are certain sports movies that are true classics! here are some other great movies you can check http://www.miff.ca/3-popular-movies/ .Let’s learn more about the top 7 sports movies that have impressed people from all over the world!

Space Jam

Space JamMixing real people and cartoons, Space Jam has found its way to the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Released back in 1996, it is still a classic that makes children and adults fall in love! The incredible performance of Michael Jordan together with the Looney Tunes characters Daffy, Bugs Bunny (and a few others), give this movie its fun and interesting appeal. Here the characters will play basketball against a team of aliens.

Remember the Titans

Disney’s Remember the Titans is one of the most famous classics when it comes to sports movies. This movie shows the determination of a high school team that united their strengths in order to break down racial prejudice.

The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty DucksA wonderful children’s movie that tells the story of a sports coach that does not give up into teaching a room of students how to become true winners. Although these students could not do anything right, let alone be good in sport, the tale tells that a teacher should never give up on his students. In the end of the movie the Mighty Ducks become winners!read more reviews about mighty ducks here

Happy Gilmore

One of the most famous movies starred by Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore has become a true classic. In this story Adam Sandler was a hockey player that decided to become a professional golfer to save his grandma’s house. He has a lot of issues on the way, meets crazy people and makes everyone laugh in the process. The quotes from this movie just never get old!

Rocky Balboa

A true classic among the fighting movies. This time Sylvester Stallone is a fighter that is bound to fight the new hot shot in town. Although the story does not make much sense, this movie will help you over the edge of your seats from beginning to the end.

Million Dollar Babe

Million Dollar BabeReleased only a couple of years ago, Million Dollar Babe shows a woman that fights for a living. As a boxer the main character together with the supporting characters will show how boxing is cruel, how it hurts and how such sport can destroy lives. A very interesting movie to watch.



Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings is a classic that we never get tired of watching. Released back in 1993, this 21 year old movie shows the story of a team of Jamaican bobsled competitors that struggled to get to the Winter Olympic competition. Based in the real story of the very first Jamaican bobsled team.

If you would like to know more about sports movies then take a look at the following list