Does This Snoring Celebrity Remind You Of Someone

web_lindsay_lohanSnoring is a breathing disorder that several people have, but do not recognize how loud it is. If a person does not catch themselves they could possibly choke and die. There are 15 aids to choose from when trying to quiet the aggravating noise, and a few of them could have been used for Adam Sandler in one of his popular movies.

Can Snoring Be Stopped?

When a person snores, this is because they have a constricted airway in their throat. Once the individual is asleep, whether day or night, loud noises come from their mouths and nostrils which cause others to sleep uncomfortably. The reason for the constricted airway is an effect caused by extra tissue that lies in the back of their neck which narrows the air pathway. The person can go to a doctor, but the only thing the doctor can prescribe is a snoring mouthpiece.

Which Mouthpiece Is Right For Me?

There are two types of snoring devices, the tongue stabilizing device (TSD) and mandibular advancement device (MAD). Both forms of the devices fit into the snorers mouth, but some manufacturers make them so they do not have to be connected to the persons teeth. Those who have to use a TSD, commonly have large tongue which interferes with their breathing while they are asleep, and they have tried MAD, which has failed them. The MAD is a device for people who suffer from snoring, but the device moves the lower jaw forward, which decreases the vibrations of the extra tissue in their throat.

Can Dentures Be Worn With The Device?

All devices are constructed differently, which means before the product is chosen research must be conducted. If the snoring device is prescribed by a doctor, they will take into consideration a person wearing dentures. Most people choose to remove their dentures while they are asleep, so purchasing a device that does not connect to dentures is seldom an issue.

The Cost Of Snoring Devices

Prices of snoring devices will vary depending on the brand and whether the product has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Those that have not been cleared by the FDA can be purchased for $50 or less, while those that have been cleared can be priced up to $200. Some insurance plans will help cover the price of the snoring device, but in order for them to cover the cost the mouthpiece the device must be prescribed by a doctor.

Never Sound Like A Demon Again

In 2000, Adam Sandler created a comedy movie with the title and main character, Little Nicky. The character Nicky is a prime example of how many people sound when they are snoring, minus the demonic talking and fire breathing. Of course, many sound like they are talking when snoring, and if they do not take proper oral care it will seem as though they can burn another individuals face off with their breathe. Nicky could have used any style of the snoring device to decrease the vibrations, so he would not scare everyone in the park away. To watch the snoring scene and compare with a known person click here.


Being a flight operations manager can be difficult and is never routine. This individual will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the flight. Flight Ops is in charge of making sure that what you always see in the movies never happens. For example in most plane movies something always tends to go wrong and they need to land somewhere else there where they were previously suppose to land.  The flight operations manager would be in charge of having several alternate landing options so that they don’t have to land in the middle of a highways like we see so often in films.

flight operation

Being able to communicate with the plane is very important there are so many things that can go wrong when the plane is in flight and having someone on the ground that knows exactly what to do is absolutely important. How often in a film or movie does the pilot get shot, have a heart attack, or just jump out the plane leaving everyone else helpless. This is when a flight operations manager can come in handy. In the films they never have anyone who knows what to do they have people reading books trying to tell passengers how to fly the plane. But if there was a flight operations manager there then he/she would be able to talk them through it without reading a book, they would also be able to make it a lot less confusing for the already terrified individuals on the plane.

What goes on the plane is also very important. The flight ops manager should always consider the safety of the passengers first. So many times in films do you see things like prisoners, guns, or even snakes being put on planes with hundreds of people on board. This probably isn’t the smartest thing to do so as a flight ops manager you should always think about how to make the flight as safe as possible and this might mean making sure that the cargo on a plane couldn’t be a threat if something were to go wrong.

Overall any movie that you have seen with a plane and something goes wrong, should usually never happen and it would be your job as a flight ops manager that could prevent a disaster from happening by planning ahead to either make sure you have alternate landing spots or to ensure that there is nothing harmful on the plane.

If you want to learn more about flight operations manager click here.

The creepiest landlords and tenants in films


Most people love a good thriller or horror movie and it has to be said that films based on creepy landlords or nightmare tenants do send shivers down most people’s spine. This could be because renting an apartment or taking in a tenant is part of our everyday lives and when we watch a film and think there is a chance that could happen to us it makes the fear even more real. In today’s
society many people have to take in roommates to help share the rent and many landlords have to cram in as many tenants as possible to cover booming mortgage costs.

Imagine having a tenant like Carter Hayes (Michael Keaton), the tenant from hell in Pacific Heights. He never pays any rent, he changes all the locks on the doors and even starts to breed cockroaches to drive out the other tenants. As if that is not bad enough Carter then starts to carry out his own building work in his room and when the landlords try to get him evicted with a court order Carter manipulates and twists the law to such an extent that the landlord is even prevented from entering his own building! It’s surprising that landlords don’t give up on taking in lots of tenants after watching films like these and just try their best to get a low cost mortgage or at best some quotations for hmo. At least that way when they get a ‘normal’ tenant in the landlord can cling to
them for as long as possible.

How about one of the most chilling flatmates ever, Hedra Carlson (Jenifer Jason Leigh) from Single white female? Hedra slowly starts to morph into her flatmate, wearing her clothes, cutting her hair the same and trying to impose at much as possible into her flatmates life. It gets so bad that it becomes impossible to work out what character is who and Hedra eventually sleeps with her
flatmates boyfriend. When he realises he slept with the wrong woman Hedra simply kills him. That’s chilling. Hedra’s roommate is called Allie, played by Bridget Fonda.  She is self- employed and takes Hendra in to help with her rental costs. She might have been a lot better off applying for a self-certification mortgage which are special mortgages for self-employed people before she posted that ‘single white female wanted’ ad in the local newspaper.

Let’s not forget landlords either. The creepiest landlord in film (other than Norman Bates but he doesn’t really count as he is more of a motel owner) has to be Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from the 2011 film The Resident. He becomes obsessed with one of his tenants and he does really creepy things like goes into her room when she is sleeping, lying under her bed and even fondling her after he drugs her on a night out. This is one film that will make you want to sleep with a light on and a double bolted door. Sweet dreams.

Top 10 Movies in Jungle Trail Setting

Summer is over but that does not mean that our love for movies has waned in any way. In fact; if anything, we find ourselves craving for comfort films, especially films with forests and deep walking trails. There is simply something alluring about movies shot in such vast and savage wilderness. Typically, these films depict mankind’s race to survive against the elements or, if the film belongs to the fantasy or drama genre, from some wild creature. Horror movies shot on jungle trails are equally worth spending time and money upon, especially if you are a fan of blood, spook and gore.

So today, we are enlisting some of our favorite films set entirely in the jungle settings. Some of them have been released quite recently. Others have been shot using the best trail camera in the glorious 80s and 90s. So, without further adieu, here are 10 of the best movies set in jungles.

1.     Apocalypto

Brace yourself for human sacrifices as a young man struggles to escape the clutches of a vicious Mayan tribe looking for human sacrifice. The man flees their clutches and races against time to rescue his pregnant young wife and son. We are so glad that Jaguar Paw, (the protagonist), has a happy ending in this film.


2.     Blood Diamond

The Academy award winning cast of this film and the storyline set in the diamond mines of South Africa actually opened the eyes of rich consumers to the blood trail left behind by (often) illegal mining of diamonds. A very inspiring film set entirely in the war torn jungles of South Africa.

3.     Indiana Jones Series

Majority of the Indiana Jones movies are set in the jungles-a reason which makes us love them even more. The 2008 installment of the franchise, Indian Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull follows Jones and his estranged son through the thick jungles of South America in search of mysterious artifacts that do not have an earthly origin.

4.     Predator

Talk about jungle films, and the one movie that comes to mind is Predator. Arnold Schwazenegger and his team of commandos battle an invisible enemy that is extra terrestrial in nature.

5.     Avatar

A movie that literally changed the movie scene in America (and all around the world), Avatar is a technological marvel with unbroken records. Young disabled marine fights for the rights of an indigenous tribe on a mystical planet called Pandora.

6.     After Earth

Father-son duo struggles to return to their planet after the spaceship they are travelling in crashes on post-apocalyptic Earth inhabited by creatures that are not only strong but also highly evolved. Jaden Smith might have won a Razzie for his performance in this movie, but we actually loved him and the atmosphere in the film.

7.     Ace Ventura Pet Detective: When Nature Calls

Jim Carrey is simply hilarious as a detective who sets out to find a rare white bat in the jungles of Africa. Watch this movie when you have had a bad day- it is sure to lift your spirits!

8.     Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark struggle to stay alive in a game competition set entirely in deep jungles of post apocalyptic America, where youngsters are sent in (and filmed) as they fight each other to the finish.

9.     Lord of The Flies

Those of you who loved the classic dystopian novel will also probably love the movie which is shot entirely in a jungle. The story is a classic example of what happens when one group of children is given more power over another and it questions the very depth of human nature.

10.George of the Jungle

This is another feel-good comedy movie- a modern take on the classic Tarzan. It is based on a cartoon series of the same name and tells the story of a young man raised by animals in a forest after having survived a plane crash.

And this concludes our list of top 10 movies having a jungle setting. We hope you love these films too!

5 Best Comfort Films: Movies Which Make You Feel Good

film-reel_1There are many reasons for watching a movie: to be entertained, to pass the time and boredom, to take your mind off the daily stresses and strains or to simply escape to different worlds.

Then, every once in a while, along comes a movie that is specifically meant to be watched when one is feeling down or low. Just like “Comfort Foods”, these feel good movies create a “warm and fuzzy feeling” that starts somewhere in the middle of the belly and spreads throughout the body. The result: you feel instantly uplifted, happier and more positive. You feel that there are still ‘some good things left in the world’. You know that feeling right? We are sure that everyone, at some point or the other, has experienced a movie that brings a smile to the face just by thinking about it. So today, we are enlisting 5 films that positively belong in this category of comfort films.          

1. Forrest Gump

This movie makes you laugh, it makes you cry and it also makes you cheer for the protagonist throughout. The lead character’s mum tells him, at one point, “Forrest, Stupid is as stupid does!” and that line really sticks with you, doesn’t it, especially when you are feel that you are up against the whole world?          

2. The Help

“You is smart, you is kind, you is important”…who can forget Aibileen’s (played by Viola Davis) mantra which she teaches her young ward in the film? It simply brings tears and a smile at the same time. The lines are repeated towards the end of the movie where they literally bring Goosebumps on the skin. We are sure, many of you concur. Unfortunately, not many people were fond of the novel by the same name, upon which this movie was based. Hmm, we need to check that one out.          

3. The Princess Bride

Okay, we must admit, we are a bit romantic at heart and tend to sigh each time we come across films of the not-cheesy romance gender (we are not talking about Twilight here!). Watch The Princess Bride when you need a little positivity or uplifting in your life, or simply when you are sick, or stressed from work. There are many great quotes in the movie and we also really “heart” the novel by the same name.          

4. Once Upon a Mattress

If you like musicals and are especially fond of the childhood tale of “The Princess and the Pea”, then you are sure to love love love Once Upon a Mattress. And you really need to ensure sitting on a comfortable mattress while watching this one. (Oh, if you are in need of one, there is a great mattress sale Philadelphia going on right now, which you simply MUST avail of. ) Jokes aside, this musical is also based on a play by the same name until Disney decided to bring it back to the big screen. We are so glad they did: beautiful sets, beautiful costumes and beautiful songs.            

5. Silver Linings’ Playbook

Silver Linings’ Playbook is what happens when two ‘broken’ people come together to create magic so beautiful it leaves everyone around breathless and yearning for more. We love this movie for its romance, the chemistry between the lead characters and of course for its oh-so happy ending. We are literally squirming and jumping in our seats for the new and not-much-talked-about film Serena (2014) which will see the same lead pair (J Law and Bradley Cooper) set the big screen on fire again!

And that brings us to the end of our top 5 comfort films list. We know there are many films which have not been given their due and should be included in this list. But, if you wish to see a more comprehensive list on top “feel good movies” of all times, please do visit this link.

Unusual activities to try during your stay in Vietnam


Vietnam is an amazing place to visit and if you are after adventure then Vietnam is the country that can give it to you. From the traditional activities such as swimming and snorkelling to the more unusual such as trekking in the Phu Quoc jungle, Vietnam can offer something for everyone.

We have some ideas for those of you that would like to try something a little bit different while you spend time in one of South East Asia’s most beautiful tourist destinations, but we would suggest that you go prepared. Many of the suggestions listed below take part in the evening or the environment can be dark so we would suggest that you invest in a quality headlamp that you can pack into your case and take with you, just in case you need one. Most headlamps are small and won’t take up much room and you might be very glad you took our advice and packed one if you decide to try some of the activities suggested below. To find a headlamp that will be most suitable for you during your stay in Vietnam please click here.

Do you like to play tennis? Most people do, but have you ever played night-time tennis? Night-time tennis is very popular in Vietnam, especially as it’s so much cooler during the evening. Most places in Vietnam have tennis courts that are open into the small hours of the morning so if night-time tennis appeals to you simply book a court and try a new experience.

The world’s largest cave was not discovered until 2009 and is located in Quang Binh, Vietnam. The cave is called Son Doong and there are some tour operators that offer tours to this cave. There are other caves in the Phong Nha Ke-Bang national park and it is possible to spend a night in the Hang En cave, if you fancy it. You will definitely need your quality headlamp for this trip, that’s for sure.

If you are interested in history a visit to the Cu Chi tunnels in Saigon is fascinating. Firstly you can see some of the artefacts from the war such as the guns used and then you submerge into the tunnels that is made up of an underground system of tunnels and chambers covering around 250km. This is where the people of Cu Chi lived and stayed and planned out their underground attacks during the Vietnam War in the 1960’s. Remember to pack your headlamp in your rucksack before you leave for this trip.

Vietnam also offer many treks in different regions but if you like mountains, lakes and views then a two day trek to Mai Chau village might appeal to you. During the hike you will get to see the views on a bicycle and experience remote villages. If learning about tribe cultures interests you then a trek to the Sapa would be ideal as you get to spend a night in a hill tribe village.

Vietnam is steeped in culture, beauty and history and makes an ideal holiday destination for all.

And the winner of the “Most Jacked-Up Grill in a Movie” goes to…

SPYRichard Kiel as Jaws in the James Bond films “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker.”  The man could eat through steel.  His teeth were unstoppable and people loved him even with teeth that could chomp through a guard rail in a single bite.  Thing is too, as crazy as his teeth were in the movie, he’s one of the JB films favorite bad guys.  He had a few moments that made you laugh as he wasn’t the smartest fry in the Happy Meal.  People just took to him.  They took to him well enough that he made an appearance in not one, but 2 Bond flicks and did a couple of cameos in a few others.  Always sporting those teeth.  They left their mark on the films that’s for sure.  No pun intended.  Really.

There have been some movies that had teeth of all things stand out, or not even make an appearance at all.  One would have to be the movie Deliverance which was creepy in its time and still to this day is a creep fest.  In order not to wind up with a set of teeth that would make a list like this one, you need to get a hold of the best electric toothbrush, and I mean best.  Get healthy teeth if possible to avoid making a cameo on lists as such.

Honestly though, and electric toothbrush is good and all, but what brought them about the mainstream?  Did we just become lazy as a society and standing in front of the mirror anywhere from 4 minutes or so moving our arm back and forth as we brushed our pearly whites become too much time to waste in such a chore?  Now we can accomplish it in half the time with the same results?  Or did we just want to go delve into technology and see if we could get a better brush system going on?  You decide.

As for films though, you know there have been movies with people with teeth issues, but this is the most memorable to most.  Maybe not you though.  Messed up teeth have always been a part of movies. Naturally usually horror movies.  They add to any kind of creepy effect they have in the movie they are intended for.  However, they aren’t always just horror movies. Look at Austin Powers for example.  We still loved him though, didn’t we?  It was never understood how he got them fixed then in the sequels they were back to how he started.  Bad teeth or good teeth he always made us laugh and have a good time.

It’s amazing that something as simple as teeth can make an impact on a movie enough for us to notice and take note.  Also, some movies that showcase teeth, or lack thereof, make us take a closer look at our own when we go to brush before bed.  Electric toothbrush or not, we take a little extra time after some movies to make sure we get the back teeth really good!


Help! This movie sucks!

It’s happened to us all at some time or another. We have gone on a date to the cinema and the movie is absolutely terrible. Perhaps you are a guy who has been dragged along to some soppy romantic comedy, or you are a girl who is watching some Kung-Fu action flick. Whatever the reason we have all had the experience of enduring an absolutely terrible film. You want to get up and walk out, but what’s even worse is your date actually seems to be enjoying it. Follow these tips below on how to survive an awful movie.

Stay awake

This is easier said than done as your eyes start to feel heavy from the opening credits onwards. Trust us, nothing will look worse than if you fall asleep, start to snore and drool and then your date sees you. It’s a sure fire sign there will not be another date in the horizon. If you find your eyes getting heavy during a boring film the first thing you need to do is excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Once there, splash cold water on your face to wake yourself up and then wander over to the kiosk to see if they sell some high energy drink that will give you a boost.

watching movie

Try not to moan

Moaning is a definite no-no on a date, even if you would rather stick pins in your eyes than endure such a boring movie. This is especially relevant if your date looks like they are enjoying the film. Try to spend the next 80 minutes thinking of great reasons why you like your date and why it’s worth being bored just because you get to spend time with them. Try not to think sexy thoughts though. That’s not going to cut it if your date is engrossed in the film. If you find your mind wandering across to aspects of the female anatomy then click here for some gentle reminders of what can happen in the future if sexy thoughts play too big a part in your life. Your mind will soon wander back to where it belongs!

Try to act like you are enjoying the film

OK, this might really be pushing it, but trust us, if you are bored silly during a movie and you manage to convince your date you are actually enjoying the film then you deserve an Oscar. Believe it or not there are some easy techniques when trying to convince someone you are having a good time. For starters, if your date looks at you, smile happily. When they laugh, you should laugh as well. If they jump because it’s supposed to be a scary part of the film, jump as well. But don’t jump much later than your date or you will look like you have an affliction rather than look like you are engrossed in the movie. If you are watching a soppy weepy, keep an eye on your date. If she looks like she is beginning to cry, hand her a (clean) tissue just at the right time. Not only will you convince your date you are enjoying the film but she will love you for your thoughtfulness.

With our help you can survive a boring film while on a date. Just follow our tips above and your date will never know you were having a horrible time. The next problem however is trying to convince your date to watch a different type of movie next time…

Radiation Therapy Schools – How to Select One?

Radiation therapy is a treatment used to remove cancer related cells from the body. This science
is becoming very common in different parts of the world because of the increase in cancer
related diseases. It entails the production of ionized radiation and then focusing it in the affected
area. This on the other hand causes the tumor to shrink and eventually disappear. The therapy is
also very effective in preventing the appearance of the cancer tumors in future. As a result of
these, there are so many schools that are training people the use of radiation therapy to remove
the cancer cells. Recently, a friend applied to a school and these are some of the tips used to
identify the best school.

The courses that qualify a person to work as a radiation therapist
There are many schools in the region and thus each school has its own qualifications. However,
all these schools offer similar courses in the radiation therapy field. They ensure that a person
qualifies for the work environment before graduation. For instance, a person can study for a
degree in radiotherapy since the entire course requirements are satisfactory. These degrees are
usually certified by the registry of radiology technologists. However, some of the private schools
might not be registered and it is good to check on these qualifications. Accredited institutions
usually offer the best studies in radiation therapy. Again, they stand a better place in the job
The studies offered
It is always good to identify the courses that are taught in the radiation therapy schools. This
entails the body structure of a person because this is where the radiation therapy is done. Some
knowledge of computer science is equally important as majority of these practices make us of
advanced technology. Moreover, mathematics skills are compulsory. A person should be able to
master the calculation of the exact doses needed in the radiation. This is usually determined by
the cancer cells or the growth rate for the tumor. Good communication skills are a must because
a person will need to educate the patients on a number of things. Emotional support is also very
ideal because a cancer patient needs a lot of emotional support. When a friend applied to a
school, she ensured that all these subjects are inclusive in the course.
Passing through radiation therapy schools is a must before securing an employment opportunity
in the hospitals. Depending on the state where the school is located, a student might be required
to take an additional ARRT exam. This means that it is good to check the various requirements
and norms of the state. In addition to these, there are a number of radiation therapy schools
which offer online based education. This is a better opportunity for the people who have other
daily commitments. They can be able to study at their own pace and still do other commitments
at the same time. Again, the fee charges are lower and the cost of studying is thus low than
attending the full time courses.

A classic teen movie you can watch many times over, and plus it features “The Brat Pack”

Everyone has watched a teen movie at one point.  Well, let’s start that off a little different.  Everyone who is a teen and up to adulthood has watched a teen movie at some point.  Some people love teen flicks, some can’t stand them.  However, at one point admit that you have watched one.  Just like you can admit that you’re wanting to check out The Tramp Review as you know you want to take a jump on a one of those fun looking trampolines.  You know you do.

Trampolines aside, there is one teen movie that is classic and has lasted as a cult favorite since its release in 1985.   It’s one that if you have had the chance to watch it, you’ve probably watched it more than once.  You might even have seen it enough times that you know some of the quotes from it or can recite parts with expert precision.  I’m talking about is none other than “The Breakfast Club.”


The Breakfast Club had a young all-star cast made up of favorite teen actors at that time.  Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.  They were referred to as the “Brat Pack,” a moniker modern day group version of the popular 60’s group of stars known then as the “Rat Pack.”

In the 60’s the Rat Pack was the “end all and be all” of actors that were highly popular at the time.  It first started by Humphrey Bogart but it was mainly made up of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford.  They were at the top of the movie scene at the time and rumored to of been given the name by Lauren Bacall as they were always together messing around, shooting pool, drinking, and hanging out.  They were featured in mostly the same genre of films as well.  She noted that they looked like a pack of rats, and it just stuck and became a part of who they were.

Fast forward 25 years to 1985 and there was a group of young stars that stood out in the day’s pop culture and were given the term Brat Pack since they seemed modeled the same way as the Rat Pack was.  Hanging out together, staying in the same genre of movies and were all very popular at the time with a good sized fan following.  Just like the Rat Pack back in the day.

The Breakfast Club was popular not just because of the all-star Brat Pack cast.  The movie was a great concept in that it broke down the clique system many face in schools made up of people who were not popular, jocks, geeks, rich, poor, and there’s always one that was just all out weird.  By the end of the movie they all overcame their labeling and realized that labels didn’t matter, they were all missing something in their lives and formed a bond of friendship.  The movie is funny, yet warm and touching as well and it’s good to cheer for overcoming the barriers set up of social groups in schools.  It’s a movie that is a teen classic, puts out a good message, and can be watched multiple times without growing tired of it.  Check it out and see as it floats around apps such as Netflix from time to time.