A classic teen movie you can watch many times over, and plus it features “The Brat Pack”

Everyone has watched a teen movie at one point.  Well, let’s start that off a little different.  Everyone who is a teen and up to adulthood has watched a teen movie at some point.  Some people love teen flicks, some can’t stand them.  However, at one point admit that you have watched one.  Just like you can admit that you’re wanting to check out The Tramp Review as you know you want to take a jump on a one of those fun looking trampolines.  You know you do.

Trampolines aside, there is one teen movie that is classic and has lasted as a cult favorite since its release in 1985.   It’s one that if you have had the chance to watch it, you’ve probably watched it more than once.  You might even have seen it enough times that you know some of the quotes from it or can recite parts with expert precision.  I’m talking about is none other than “The Breakfast Club.”


The Breakfast Club had a young all-star cast made up of favorite teen actors at that time.  Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.  They were referred to as the “Brat Pack,” a moniker modern day group version of the popular 60’s group of stars known then as the “Rat Pack.”

In the 60’s the Rat Pack was the “end all and be all” of actors that were highly popular at the time.  It first started by Humphrey Bogart but it was mainly made up of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford.  They were at the top of the movie scene at the time and rumored to of been given the name by Lauren Bacall as they were always together messing around, shooting pool, drinking, and hanging out.  They were featured in mostly the same genre of films as well.  She noted that they looked like a pack of rats, and it just stuck and became a part of who they were.

Fast forward 25 years to 1985 and there was a group of young stars that stood out in the day’s pop culture and were given the term Brat Pack since they seemed modeled the same way as the Rat Pack was.  Hanging out together, staying in the same genre of movies and were all very popular at the time with a good sized fan following.  Just like the Rat Pack back in the day.

The Breakfast Club was popular not just because of the all-star Brat Pack cast.  The movie was a great concept in that it broke down the clique system many face in schools made up of people who were not popular, jocks, geeks, rich, poor, and there’s always one that was just all out weird.  By the end of the movie they all overcame their labeling and realized that labels didn’t matter, they were all missing something in their lives and formed a bond of friendship.  The movie is funny, yet warm and touching as well and it’s good to cheer for overcoming the barriers set up of social groups in schools.  It’s a movie that is a teen classic, puts out a good message, and can be watched multiple times without growing tired of it.  Check it out and see as it floats around apps such as Netflix from time to time.

The movie is a bore, and the gentleman sitting next to you in the theater is snoring

SNORINGThis is one interesting situation that you’re in.  The movie of which whose name will not be mentioned, mostly so you can suffer through it just like a certain writer had to, is boring.  It’s easily going to be in the top ten worst movie of all-time list you’ve compiled in that filing cabinet we all have called a brain.  Not only is it a 3 hour long feature, you’ll notice that you’re not the only one finding it such a bore.  People will be getting up and leaving mid movie, which can be a guarantee you can take to the bank.

You paid good money to see the flick and you’re not going to waste your ticket price.  You’ll be reminding yourself every 5 minutes that it has got to get better at some point, only to find out another 5 minutes have passed and it hasn’t and so you remind yourself again and sit through another 5 minutes.  It’s then you’ll hear it. Trust me, with this movie it’s inevitable.  The gentleman next to you who doesn’t want to waste his ticket by leaving either is making a noise that sounds much like snoring.  Slowly you’ll gather your wits and turn to look and then you see a man with his head leaning on his shoulder, mouth half open, eyes closed and fast asleep.

You’ll then look around him thinking someone would have said something but those people who would’ve said something left at the halfway mark and so it’s just you.  It’s a loud snore that drags in then comes out in a soft whistle.  No wonder a lot of men who have this issue wind up sleeping on the couch when their wives can take it no longer.  They need to check out forgetsnoring.org because this must be a handful to listen to every night.

Even if the movie wasn’t such a dreadful experience, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with the loud snoring and might opt to gently nudge him.  For this movie, might as well let him sleep and snore his way through the last hour of it.  It’s not like he’s going to be missing much.  As a matter of fact there’s only about 8 or 9 people left in the theater as you garner a look around.  Now that’s something else because the room had been close to being full when you first arrived.

What does one do in a situation like this when the movie is good and you’re being interrupted from enjoying it?  Well, you paid good money to see it just like everyone else and you can wait for an usher or someone else to say something to whomever is disturbing the movie experience for you.  You could take it upon yourself as well and clear your throat to wake them and mention that you can’t hear the film.  You’re entitled to get your money’s worth.  However, after the first half hour of this movie, the man is entitled to get his money’s worth by way of a good sleep.

Documentaries Vs Movies: Which Way To Go?

DOCUMENTARYIt goes almost without saying that Hollywood does focus much on the environment and fertilizers. There are just a handful of movies that touch on these seemingly subtle yet crucial areas. But make no mistake about it. There is a good reason why no one bothers to produce movies on fertilizers or even agriculture. What would one produce? How would the movie be rated? Who would be the target audience? It is hard to tell. It therefore makes perfect sense to look for good alternatives. That is exactly where documentaries come into the picture. Why so? Read on to find out…

Documentaries produce the real info

In other words, they showcase what is real. You may not know it but the internet is awash with both short and long documentaries on agriculture. They touch on everything from fertilizers, farm implements and the profits one stands to reap.  You only need to take time to surf the web for highly rated documentaries on farming.

You can always make a follow up

Imagine watching a movie and getting impressed by the starring actors then trying to contact them. The best you can do is just tweet them. But even then, movie stars hardly reply to tweets. Not so with documentaries. You can always contact the producers, the people featured on the documentary and even visit the farms where the documentaries were produced. This will of course, give you first hand information and go a long way to help you learn what you need to know about farming and fertilizers in general.

It is easy to learn from documentaries

This is pretty much explanatory. You only need to be attentive. Think of the documentary as a lesson at school or at the university. It will be very easy to learn and enjoy everything. Keep in mind that you will have bought the documentary in the first place because its theme caught your eye. It will therefore be very hard for you to get bored.

They cover everything

You may be that little scale farmer running a small backyard garden or the ambitious one with a big farm. It doesn’t matter much the kind of farming you are doing. There is always something for everyone. That’s the beauty of it. Do keep in mind that you cannot get bored by documentaries at all. You can watch and re-watch until you have everything you needed to learn at your fingertips.

Side note

Of course there are some things that may not be adequately covered by documentaries. With that in mind, take time to choose the best documentaries. Make good use of independent online reviewers. Make good use too of the opinion of likeminded people. If possible, be on the lookout for documentaries that offer freebies like magazines. Some will let you subscribe for free while others will charge you a fee. At the end of the day, you want to learn about fertilizers. How you go about it should not matter much. As they say, ‘the end justifies the means’. Invest in one or two leading documentaries then learn more here.




Are any hypnosis scenes in magic movies such as ‘Now You See Me’ real?

HYPNOSISDon’t worry, you are not going to read any spoilers about the movie ‘Now You See Me’.  All that I will go as so far as to say is simply, yes.  Which ones, if not all, will not be said as not to spoil any of the movies’ wonderful scenes to people who haven’t seen it yet.  What will be said however, is that a mentalist is in the movie.  There are in movies throughout the years, it’s up to you if you believe or if you research.  Some things are done in ways that are 100% real, such as mentalists.

A mentalist isn’t a traditional magician.  A mentalist is someone who can manipulate psychological observations and create “tricks”, for lack of a better word, through watching body language and misdirecting the one who is to be hypnotized to give off an appearance as if he were to have powers of a supernatural ability.  An illusion if you will.  Grouped together in the forms of mind reading, prediction, and some say possibly through controlling the mind of the one to be hypnotized.

A mentalist works his or her magic through using properties based on hypnosis, and the ability to read microgestures and body language.  Also used are what are known as speed inductions.  An induction is basic elementary logic.  It also can mean the act of inducing, bringing about a cause.  In this movie it is basically used as the process of breaking down the observations of a group of facts as the basis for the rendered fact from the group as a whole.  More easily read as using logic to form a conclusion.  Think Sherlock Holmes and Watson together as a team and how they work through using forms of logic.

In this movie, it can be said that even though some of the magic tricks were given a boost through CGI imagery, the mentalist aspects of the movie are spot on and can be construed as completely legit.  Street magicians are sometimes nothing more than mentalists.  They have mastered the craft and can read through some people like a book.  They can see what others cannot and that can be magic in and of itself.  Edinburgh hypnotherapy uses their craft to help people as others use it to trick people.

A mentalist can pick up the most subtle of movements or tics in a person or their demeanor through what is hailed to be microgestures.  They are subconscious reactions to words, objects, or other such things that trigger maybe even the slightest reaction.  The one being observed by the mentalist doesn’t even realize that they have made a movement or reaction of any sort.  The mentalist however saw it, read it like a book, and broke it down into the aforementioned act of inducing.

The movies are magic portals to the mind.  Some of the greatest magicians of all times were simply mentalists who had honed in on their talents.  Movies can be based on events of magicians and take us even deeper through the “magic of the movies” also known as special effects to give a trick additional sparkle and flair.

Does a movie being based on a true story reel you in more than one that is not?

MOVIE REELSome movies are made based on a true story.  Of these movies, some tell you before the movie starts while others wait until the end of the movie to let you know.  In movies based on real stories some people feel that they won’t enjoy it as much as they already know the turn out in most.  However, some manage to base it on the story but know it’s not a popular real life tale and that will draw more people in so they can see what truly makes the whole picture.  Most of the time there’s a lot of which didn’t make the headlines of the story on which it’s based which makes the movie more immersive and intriguing to see “the story behind the story” and get the whole background on the entire situation being put to film.

Some people tend to stay away from movies that are based on true stories as they feel they know enough about it and it doesn’t capture their interest to be drug into it even further than they already have outside of the theater.  It feels like they know the outcome so what difference will a few added details make to them.  It’s a story that’s already been told and is just fodder to get a payday off something that we already know.  Some do think that way and can’t be blamed because it does happen a lot.

However then there are the people who are drawn to it because it is a real story.  The truth is there and took place in reality.  You know reality, what happens when you’re hosting a party at your home and the plumbing goes out according to this New Zealand water engineer who luckily has 24 hour emergency service to save your evening.  They want to see the truth behind everything.

The people who are taken in by movies based on true stories want to hear the whole truth and nothing but.  It can go in one of two different directions.  The movie could be based on the actual events that took place in the story, or be loosely based on the basics of the story that everyone knows but with the director and writers own flair added to it.  Either way people want to know more facts about it.  It may be because they are just fascinated by the events that took place so much then want to absorb every fact as if they were a human sponge.  Or it may be they have in mind what already did really happen and want to see if they are on the right track.

Whether or not reality hits, such as malfunctioning boilers (or geysers as they are known in South Africa) could ruin an event, it’s a reality that is being played out regardless of how factual or loosely based the story is.  It’s had an effect on enough people to be taken under entertainments wings to be told to you.  How you take it, is all up to your interpretation of how they tell the story and relay it to moviegoers.

Movie and Appliances…the Connection

IRON MANMovies are always looking for things we, the audience, can relate to. They try to make their protagonists interesting, with down to earth jobs like mechanics or teachers. They often set it in a small town, that just maybe could be where you live. And they throw in products that we would use every day. From everyman cars to expensive phones to fancy blenders, like this Montel Williams, the characters in our movies use our stuff. So here are four movies about every day appliances, some fancy, and some fanciful.

-       Iron Man, 2008

If there’s any one we want to relate to more it’s Tony Stark. Played exquisitely by the excellent Robert Downey Junior, Stark lives in a phenomenal mansion, surrounded by beautiful women and all the material possessions in the world. We can’t quite relate to it, but we sure as hell can want it. And is there anything you want more than Jeeves, the intelligent computerised butler that helps tony with everything he could ever ask for.

-       The Internship, 2013

This one isn’t about an actual appliance. It’s more about the metaphor of one. The Internship stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two middle aged nobodies who lose everything and try to start afresh at Google. However, to get the job they first have an interview and they are asked a metaphor about what they would do if they got stuck in a blender. The result is a rambling, babbling mess of mixed messages and, well, blenders. Quite hilarious.

-       Ghostbusters, 1984

It’s gotta be hard to relate to a bunch of supernatural crime fighters, even if one of them is Bill Murray. It’s a celebrated classic with notions of a reboot coming online in the next few years. There are ghosts and weird ooze and a lot of 80s campiness, but we can all relate to the humble fridge, right? The fridge has been around for decades, keeping all our foods, leftovers and beers fresh for us until the time comes to consumption. I guess the makers of Ghostbusters thought the fridge could use a reboot however when they added in a portal to another dimension. And in case you weren’t aware, portals to other dimension do not mix well with eggs.

The best movie for a large blended family

FAMILY MOVIESIf there was ever a need for bunk beds in a movie it would definitely be the Yours, Mine, and Ours movie. In this movie the women has like ten kids and the man brings eight kids and in total it ends up being a massive amount of kids moving into under one roof. This is the epitome of a blended family. This movie came out in a time period when blended families where just starting to make a scene in the movie industry. Yeah divorce rate was on the rise but no one was talking about it and no one was showing how two families can blend into one family and make it work.

At first the kids hated each other. They played pranks on each other. They really made life a living hell for the parents, who simply wanted to join together in marriage and give their children a loving full family. Unfortunately that is not how the story goes for a while.

The Father is a strict Coast Guard Admiral and the mother is a free spirit hand bag designer and the kids have grown up in completely different environments. On the fathers side the kids are strictly disciplined and follow order on the mother’s side the kids have been raised in chaos and whimsy. So joining the two families together can only result in an all-out war between the two sides.

Eventually the kids realize that they are both in it for the same reason, to separate the parents. So they band together to make life a nightmare for the parents and cause friction to separate the two families once again. What they don’t count on is that end the end they will start to get along and see that they truly do like the other kids and end up realizing that they have a wonderfully full family. The end of the story shows that through hard ache and turmoil eventually the kids will grow to like each other and get along.

Could you imagine all those kids under one roof? You would have to have an extremely large house with many rooms or multiple sets of bunk beds. If you go the bunk bed route you can search for bunk beds Philadelphia and find a large selection to choose from. With that many kids you’re definitely going to need them. If you go the large house route you’re going to need a large amount of land and a huge mansion. With 18 kids of different ages and sexes you will definitely need at least 9 rooms just for the kids and one for the parents. Some of the kids won’t be happy about sharing rooms with kids they never met before so organizing it into groups of two of same sex and approximate age range can be quite difficult. So it’s best to let them choose who they want to bunk with and go from there.

This movie really tells a story of the modern blended family trying to make a new family out of two separate families simply for the sake of love for a man and women. It’s a sweet comedic love story that is a treat to watch for the whole family.

How to make fake blood that is the quality from movies

There’s fake blood, then there’s the fake blood that they use in movies that’s so realistic you’d never know it was.  From drawing blood in hospital scenes to zombies chomping down on some prime live fixin’s to vampires making it look real, and tasty.

There are many ways that they have for making fake blood look real for films.  However, you could always be a phlebotomist and deal with real blood for a living, but this is how to come about making blood look real in films, from color to coagulation of the “blood” to give it an extra realistic effect.

We aren’t back in the days of black and white films where color didn’t really matter.  As a matter of fact, one movie, Psycho from 1960 got its blood effect when Alfred Hitchcock used Bosco Chocolate Syrup for the blood in the film.  It became so famous from doing that, that it boosted sales for the syrup. QUALITY MOVIES

Today it’s a little more realistic by working with it to give it the effects of real blood whether it is squirted from a balloon or bag under your shirt or put in gel capsule so you can have it drip from your mouth realistically.

Here’s a type used on movie sets if you’re going for that effect, but should not be used near your eyes and mouth so your use of it is limited.  This way is a great way to make blood splatters that seem realistic.  The recipe is simple, yet be careful with it as it will stain everything it touches.  You’ll want take and mix water-soluble hair gel and water-soluble lubricant together.  It averages out to 1 lubricant to every 3 parts hair gel.  Mix them together in a bowl and start to add drops of red food coloring.  To achieve a more realistic color you should add a little bit of blue color, maybe even a little green, until you get the color you’re looking for.  Next for the consistency add in some chocolate syrup.  The amount depends on the consistency you are looking for.  Again this mix is at its best when used for blood splatters that look real.

So just shy of signing up for phlebotomy classes in Queens and dealing with real blood, you can look at your “fake-real” blood and know you did a good job.  Now if you’re really looking to go the distance and make your blood so real yet edible, do it like they do when making blood for movies.  You can go about it with the following “movie tested” recipe.  Mix corn syrup with red food coloring until you get the right shade adding a little blue if you’d like.   Add a little bit of cocoa powder and mix.  If you want the blood to be a little more on the thin side, add water, and if you want it thicker, add a couple of pinches of flour or cornstarch until you get the consistency you’re looking for.  What’s great about this is its edible so you can use it basically anyway you want.  You’ll now be looking at blood in the movies in a whole new way trying to see how they did it.

Ever Wondered how Accountants in Films got their Degree?


Ever watched a movie that involves financing or accounting and wonder how you could become one? One very extremely convenient way to get a degree now a days is online. Below will provide you with the 5 top online accounting schools.


  1. Auburn University

Auburn University is a public university founded in 1856. Boasting a total of 25,000 students, Auburn University is slated to be one of the largest universities in the state of Alabama. It has an acceptance rate of 77.2% and a student: faculty ratio of 18:1.


Online Degree Programs

B.S.B.A. in Accountancy – $805 per credit hour

One of the prerequisites for enrolling in Auburn University’s B.S.B.A. in accountancy is that students must possess either an AACSB-accredited bachelor’s degree in business or an AACSB-accredited MBA. This degree takes two years or less to complete, students will only have to take accounting-specific classes, having already completed the core courses when undertaking previous degrees.


Master of Accountancy Online Program – $24,150 for the entire program

The Master of Accountancy degree offered by Auburn University requires students to complete a four-and-a-half-day residence on campus. The online program is designed such that it is identical to the on campus degree with regards to course syllabus and academic standard. This degree is AACSB accredited.


2. St John’s University

  • Ranked #6 Best Online Graduate Education Programs

Located in New York City, St. John’s University was founded in 1870 by the Vincentian community. Being strongly religious, the school pledges to provide education for all, particularly those disadvantages physically, socially or emotionally.


M.S. Accounting – $1,155 per credit

This is a 31-33 credit course that can be completed within the course of one year. St. John University’s Business School stands out from its peers in that it has a student managed investment fund, where students are placed in charge of a portion of the university’s endowment and allowed to make investment decisions. Takings are used to provide scholarships for poor students. It also has a Executive-in-Residence Program where students are appointed as consultants for actual companies, and are guided by senior management of those companies to make decisions and to solve real challenges and problems.


3. University of Alabama, Birmingham
The UAB Collat School of business has both a Bachelor and a Master degree in Accounting. Both the BSA and M. Ac. are offered to individuals intending to pursue a career in the finance/accounting career or for those seeking to have a higher managerial position. Online programs and on-campus programs share the same faculty members. Students taking either degree will be prepared for the

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) examinations.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting

  • Ranked #7 by Open Education Database

The Bachelor of Science in accounting degree is perfect for those seeking to grasp basic fundamentals of accounting.


Bridge Program

The bridge program offered by UAB Collat School of Business allows students without an accounting/ finance background to learn accounting concepts without committing to an additional accounting degree.


Master in Accounting

Students who have completed the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting may move on to the master degree which familiarizes students with advanced accounting concepts that ranges from auditing, to fraud detection and forensic accounting.

4.Washington State University

Washington State University is a public university with campuses located in Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities and Vancouver respectively. It currently has a total enrolment of 21,816 undergraduate students.


Master in Accounting

The Master degree offered by Washington Global University is designed to help students apply theoretical concepts in solving real world problems. The advantage of this program is that each student will receive personalized support from a mentor throughout the entire program. The fees are also calculated per six- month term, therefore student may save on tuition fees if they choose to complete the degree quicker.


5. Kaplan University

Kaplan University was named as one of the World’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Education by Fast Company. It has also received accreditation from accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


Associate of Applied Science in Accounting – $371.00 / credit

This associate’s degree prepares students to take on entry-level jobs such as bookkeeping and managing the payroll. Upon completion of this course, students would be able to prepare basic financial statements and tax documents.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting – $371.00 / credit

Auditing-Forensic Accountancy, Managerial Accountancy,Public Accountancy, andTax Accountancy are just the types of specializations offered to students who choose to pursue a Bachelor in Accounting at Kaplan University. These specializations would allow students to integrate into the workforce with ease, having already mastered the basics of the trade.


Master of Science in Accounting

The Master in accounting degree, meanwhile, is especially tailored for those seeking higher level managerial positions. It aims to build upon the foundations of accounting and finances that students already possess.


There goes the top 5 schools offering online accounting degrees available out there. Hope that helps you decide.

5 Top Disney 2D Classic Animated Movies of All Time

DISNEYEverything that comes out as of late when it comes to animated movies are 3D.  We have to remember that first, before 3D there was 2D and Disney had a grasp on the genre.  What better way to show our appreciation by giving props to some of their most groundbreaking and memorable movies done in 2D.

The Lion King

The Lion King was a 2D movie that captured the hearts of everyone in the 90’s that had a chance to watch it and be moved by a traditional 2D movie.  Such 2D story work hadn’t been done in a while.  The story itself was engaging but as Simba grew, we grew with him.  It brought out feelings of the old school animated movies with a breath of new fresh air.

Snow White

Snow White definitely is in the list as it was the first full length animated movie.  Before now there had just been a few animated shorts before the start of the feature film.  Well, Snow White was the feature film and delighted audiences of all ages with something different and fun with a great story enjoyed by all.  Disney opened the door to a whole new genre with their take on Snow White.  Who knew that a fairy tale would be the start of taking us to where we are today.


Cinderella was a classic all in of itself.  Taking this fairy tale and breathing life into it made it a special movie in its time and one of the movies that also would make a “had to see it more than once” spot on the list.  Every little girl to older women fell in love with the story that Disney brought to life on screen and gave faces to ones that had none before.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty was a fairy tale movie that even younger boys wants to see for the action scenes within.  It didn’t matter if you were a boy, or a girl.  In this animated film there was something for everybody.  Yet another film of which Disney took the classic tale and spun into pure gold is purely a list maker because it was a hit maker.


Fantasia is definitely a classic and cannot lose any ground and should show up on any Disney list of classics.  Music grabbed hold of this movie and a little mouse named Mickey made it famous.  Nothing had been seen as of such with the way the movie spun its magic for all to see.

Now this list is not in any certain order, and everyone has their favorites when it comes to 2d Disney.  It’s amazing to see what some of the best 2D animation software can bring to life when put in the right hands.  Old tales from the ages can spring into life, and new takes can be woven into what will someday be classics in their own right.  3D software is a whole new category with great titles, but sometimes it’s great to go back to grass roots and see what helped bring us to where we are today.