The 3 Most Popular Movies Ever

The 3 Most Popular Movies Ever

There are so many interesting movies out there that it is rather hard to choose one. Although the styles, topics and also characters might affect people’s opinion, there are some movies that are considered to be the very best. Let’s take a look at the top 3 movies that everyone should watch at least once. Of course people’s taste might change, however these are indeed truly worth your time.

Lawrence of Arabia 1063 (Epic Movie)

Lawrence of ArabiaFirst released back in 1963, Lawrence of Arabia is a classic that everyone should watch. This epic adventure has a little bit of everything: drama, mystery and action. Starring Peter O’Toole as the main character, this movie managed to earn 7 Oscars. This movie depicts Lawrence’s experiences and feelings while in Arabia, during the World War I. The story goes around how Lawrence fights his fear, his emotional struggles and also his indecision on whether he should defend his fellow British fighters, or help his Arabian comrades. A truly epic masterpiece.

The Godfather 1973 (Mobsters)

The Godfather 1973The first installments of a trilogy was released back in 1973. The very first movie will already be enough to impress even the most exigent film lovers. Godfather movie has a little bit of everything: drama, mystery, cruelty, investigation, romance and much more. Directed by Francis Ford Copola, this movie was based into the novel by Mario Puzo. We have several different famous actors such as Al Pacino, Marlon Branco, DeNiro and many others. The story shows the life transformation of Michael Corleone, a mobster. During the releasing year, this movie got 3 Oscars. A true masterpiece that should be enjoyed and deeply analysed, after all there is no other mob movie that could even get close to this one. Read more information on other Greatest Trilogy Movie Series ever produced

Titanic 1997 (Romance)

TitanicStarring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic found its way to the hearts of millions all over the world. The interesting story is mixed with fiction and reality. Using the figure of the sank ship Titanic the director throws an enticing romance between poor Jack Dawson and Rose, an elegant and rich woman that is going a money crisis. Rose who is engaged to a rich man that could solve her and her mom’s money issues, finds herself deep in love with Jack, who has nothing more than love to offer her. The story is beautiful, but end tragically: Titanic sinks killing Jack. What happens to Rose then? This is a must see for all romance movie lovers. Although this movie is rather recent for the classics, it has a lot that most romantic movies do not have today: charm, deepness and passion! A truly masterpiece that has earned directors, actors and actresses awards.

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