The Mighty Ducks

7 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

Sports have always been very interesting topics that have been all over the media. You can find video games, TV shows, and even movies on the subject! Although there is a certain love and hate relation with the public, there are certain sports movies that are true classics! here are some other great movies you can check .Let’s learn more about the top 7 sports movies that have impressed people from all over the world!

Space Jam

Space JamMixing real people and cartoons, Space Jam has found its way to the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Released back in 1996, it is still a classic that makes children and adults fall in love! The incredible performance of Michael Jordan together with the Looney Tunes characters Daffy, Bugs Bunny (and a few others), give this movie its fun and interesting appeal. Here the characters will play basketball against a team of aliens.

Remember the Titans

Disney’s Remember the Titans is one of the most famous classics when it comes to sports movies. This movie shows the determination of a high school team that united their strengths in order to break down racial prejudice.

The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty DucksA wonderful children’s movie that tells the story of a sports coach that does not give up into teaching a room of students how to become true winners. Although these students could not do anything right, let alone be good in sport, the tale tells that a teacher should never give up on his students. In the end of the movie the Mighty Ducks become winners!read more reviews about mighty ducks here

Happy Gilmore

One of the most famous movies starred by Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore has become a true classic. In this story Adam Sandler was a hockey player that decided to become a professional golfer to save his grandma’s house. He has a lot of issues on the way, meets crazy people and makes everyone laugh in the process. The quotes from this movie just never get old!

Rocky Balboa

A true classic among the fighting movies. This time Sylvester Stallone is a fighter that is bound to fight the new hot shot in town. Although the story does not make much sense, this movie will help you over the edge of your seats from beginning to the end.

Million Dollar Babe

Million Dollar BabeReleased only a couple of years ago, Million Dollar Babe shows a woman that fights for a living. As a boxer the main character together with the supporting characters will show how boxing is cruel, how it hurts and how such sport can destroy lives. A very interesting movie to watch.



Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings is a classic that we never get tired of watching. Released back in 1993, this 21 year old movie shows the story of a team of Jamaican bobsled competitors that struggled to get to the Winter Olympic competition. Based in the real story of the very first Jamaican bobsled team.

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